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Eagle Radio – News – Five reasons to quit smoking TODAY

If you smoke more than 25 cigarettes a day – you’re 25 times more likely to get lung cancer than a non-smoker.

The stats come from the boss of Epsom and St Helier hospitals and as there’s no time like the present, why not stop today?

We caught up with Dr. Ruth Charlton who is Joint Medical Director at Epsom and St Helier NHS Trust and is also a paediatrician.

She tells Eagle her top five reasons to quit smoking today:

“Smokers will often say that within a day or so of stopping their taste and sense of smell completely changes, that in itself can increase appetite and lead to healthier lifestyle choices.”

“You’ll be less prone to picking up and getting symptoms of viral infections that are about at this time of year.”

“As a consequence you’ll experience less breathlessness and will feel much fitter.”

“This isn’t one you’ll notice immediately, but by stopping smoking you’re far less likely to develop conditions like this.”

“You not smoking will have a major beneficial impact for those that you share your life with, that’s children and adults alike.”


So there you have it, five reasons to quit smoking.

Lung capacity can improve by up to 10% in nine months when smokers give up.

Research by Public Health England shows that 70% of health-related difficulties that can develop as people age are down to lifestyle choices.

Public Health England has launched its One You campaign aimed at showing people that by exercising more, eating better, quitting smoking, drinking less and sleeping better – we could all make major improvements to our own health.

For more on that visit the One You page on the NHS website.


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