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You never really smoked, you just do it casually

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The how-to show that promises we’ll get it right this time! Today we’re going to help you quit smoking.

In fact, the quitting may be the easy part. Or so suggests Nick Douglas in this helpful how-to “Nailed It” episode, in which he happily takes up cigarettes just to guide us through the minefield of getting off the abominable things.

  1. Mastering the lingo (“Why do they call them ‘Marbs?’ They should call them ‘Marlbs’ “).
  2. Stock up on cessation aids, which cost even more than the smokes.
  3. Get some exercise. Never mind that it takes you out among all those folks puffing away like crazy. Who would have thought that quitting cigarettes is even more hazardous to your health?

3D Medical Animation: Heart Attack from Atherosclerosis

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heart-attacksThis 3d medical animation shows a heart attack resulting from atherosclerosis, which is inflammation of the artery. It was designed to be an immersive experience to hold the viewer’s interest in this complex, slow-developing process. Every shot was conceptualized as a visual effect to evoke the sensation of a journey within a dynamic and diverse environment. Beginning with the probable cause, which is damage to the endothelial wall, the story progresses in detail through the stages of atherosclerosis concluding with the resulting damage to the heart.

3D Medical Animation: Smoking

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This 3D medical animation is part of an anti-smoking campaign, showing how smoking causes normal alveolar sacs to become enlarged and thinned over time from emphysema.

Because the alveoli cannot contract, air is trapped in the lungs and the smoker cannot breathe out effectively.