1. Blu E-Cigarette

The Blu Cigs come in a package that looks exactly like a cigarette package — which is great for portability and not looking like a dork. The package even charges up the battery in the cigarette. It’s ideal for going to the airport or other places you can’t smoke normal cigarettes. It’s also nice to walk out to the front of the bar. Pull out the Blu Cigarette and smoke just like the other smokers.The taste of the Blu E-Cigarettes is also the closest thing to a real cigarette. You can get some wild flavors: Magnificent Menthol, Java Jolt, Vivid Vanilla and Cherry Crush. My favorite, however, is the Classic Tobacco

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2. SmokeGenie E-cigarette

At Smoke Genie we provide only the highest quality and locally tested Electronic Cigarettes.

We have gone though great lengths to offer you ONLY the best quality, best tasting and best reliability to be found on the market.

Experience the Magic of Smoke Genie today.

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3. Cigana Electronic Cigarettes

The Cigana is an electronic cigarette. The thing that I like the most about it is that it feels like I am really smoking. However, it doesn’t let off smoke which would get me in trouble for smoking in places where smoking isn’t allowed. It really takes away my cravings. I don’t smoke inside of my house, but now thanks to the Cigana I can feel as if I am really smoking without going out into the heat or the cold winter weather to smoke a cigarette. I can sit right on the couch and enjoy a relaxing smoke whenever I feel the urge.

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4. The Safe Cig Electronic Cigarette

The Safe Cig Electronic Cigarette is a smoking alternative to the real thing. It tastes like, feels like, and looks like a real cigarette minus the unhealthy smoke. It’s an innovative cigarette that comes in two pieces: the battery (which containes an LED, a flow sensor, and a rechargeable battery) and a disposable atomized refill (which contains an optional nicotine cartridge and warming engine that vaporizes the solution).

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5. Smoke Assist Electronic Cigarettes

The Smoke Assist will help those that want to smoke when they can’t smoke a cigarette, and it will also help those that want to quit smoking by providing them with an easy ability to wean themselves off of the smoking habit. While the Smoke Assist will help you when you need a cigarette, it actually contains no smoke, no tar, and no tobacco. However, it looks, feels, and tastes just like the real thing and will leave you feeling like you had just smoked a real cigarette. It even comes to you with a rechargeable battery and everything that you need to be prepared for the next time that you find yourself in a non- smoking environment.

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