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Woman inspired by dad to quit smoking | Health

Amanda Dillon, manager of Goodwill’s Cicero location, turned a devastating personal event into motivation for kicking a deadly habit. Dillon had been a smoker for 20 years, starting at age 14, and her father had always urged her to quit. After he passed away in 2016, she wanted to make him proud.

“Some day, when I get to see him again, I can tell him, `You did a good job,'” Dillon says.  

In October 2016, she lit up for the last time and hasn’t smoked since. 

Now, Dillon doesn’t even think about cigarettes. She keeps herself busy with work, family – she has four children – and, in her free time, learning to cook. The combination of no cigarettes and new cooking skills has caused her to develop more of an appetite and, with that, some weight gain. But that doesn’t faze her. To combat it, she’s incorporated exercise into her daily routine, and her children have taken a liking to it, too. Together, they Zumba or laugh their way through a classic Richard Simmons workout.

Dillon has one piece of advice for others wanting to quit: Just do it. For 20 years, Dillon kept putting it off and making excuses. Now, she has so much energy and free time that she can’t imagine going back to her old ways.

“People can tell you to quit all day,∫ she says. ™You have to want to. You know when you’re ready.”

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